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I don’t usually watch The View, but I may have a reason to at least set my DVR for it:

No more View from the cheap seats for Michelle Obama.

The potential next first lady of the United States is slated to appear June 18 as a guest host on The View.

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10 responses to “The View Television show – The View TV Show – Yahoo! TV

  • cheryl kingdeski walters..elizabeth is outa control..this is not healthy debate it is judgemental, my way or the high way antics…you know you are better than this..I am all for a great debate and differneces but her engery just seeps thru the television…we all need to move to a higher ground….

  • Pat Hogan

    You women are disgusting! (not you Elizabeth) You all looked as though orgamismatic over Barack Hussein Obama and treated the McCain’s like dirt. Barbara Walters you should be ashamed of yourself, I thought you had some class and could be objective since you’ve been around for so long, but you were disgusting. I hope your show goes down the T—–, as it should. I only saw the clips of the show and I never will watch 1 minute of you biased, silly and dumb women. (Except Elizabeth, she’s the only one with a brain.) Cindy McCain put you in your place when you questioned how many houses at least she acquired hers legally and through hard work, ask the muslim how he acquired his. I don’t know how you women sleep at night!

  • Virtginia Carucci

    I like and have watched the View for sometime.

    I do not think I will be watching it anymore because I feel whoopi does not care enough about her public to dress appropriately as a hostess. She can well afford to put on something better than an #35 sweat shirt.
    Most people would not go to someone’s house for a “visit” dress the way she dresses. that is my View!

  • Jeannette Smithson

    Please take Elisabeth off the show….or slow her down! She interrupts the hosts, the guests, must have the last word and her voice is very annoying. She hogs the camera, argues with the hosts constantly, loudly, and is very sure her bare legs are showing! Pull her skirts down and mute her voice…..please! We love the show, but Elisabeth is spoiling it for everyone….except Elisabeth!

    A devoted fan of the show, but so tired and exasperated with Elisabeth.

  • Jeannette Smithson

    Who was the dummy that asked about the muslim? There are no muslims running for President! Doesn’t the illiterate read facts or just repeat hate mongers? And you must remember that Cindy McCain was the ‘other woman’ in McCain’s marriage. Shame!




  • Bruce Kilmury

    Dear Ms. Of The View:

    While I respect each Americans right to take a position politically, I sometimes question the tact that the bias liberal visual and print media representives take in stating there position. I was waiting for either Whoppi, Barbara or Joy to fall at Senator Obamas feet and worship the ground he walks on. Yet, when Senator McCain appeared, it was jump on him and do your bests to discredit him and humiliate him in front of a national audience.

    Then Whoopi pops off and makes the comment about being put back into slavery should McCain nominate any new judges. Why would someone make such a comment besides an attempts to incite a response. Luckily Senator McCain did not justify or recognize the comment and gave it a response it deserved.

    Whoopi, why did you not ask Mr. Obaba how he intends to give 95% of the taxpayers a tax cut when more than 40% of the population do not even pay taxes. How: by playing Robin Hood and taking from the rich and giving to the poor by way of another stimulas check. Why do people believe in redistribution of wealth. How much do you think Mr. and Mrs Obama gave to charity last year. Check it out, you would be shocked to find out how little they did for the down and out people of this country.

    Supporters speak of Sarah Palin being one step from the Oval Office and yet someone who has been a community organizer (can we say Acorn), state senator and U.S. Senator is qualified. Has he made any major decision, introduced or co-sponsored any significant legislation in Washington. Other than voting present most of the time I would wonder if I was in his state what exactly he has done.

    I just remembered and accomplishment. What took Joe Biden 28 years to do Barrack Obama has done it in less than 4 years. Well, you should say less than 2 1/2 because he has been running from President for the last 19 months and that is becoming the most liberal senator in the U.S. Senate.

    Some might say that G. Bush may be office past the 20th of January 2009 because this election is bound to end up in the courts because of the dealings of Acorn and the very questionable register and get out the vote campaign they are waging. Question is Whoopi, the next time Senator Obama comes on your show, rather than you and your other liberal co-hosts trying to molest him, ask why his campaign gave in excess of $700,000 dollars to a very corrupt organization like Acorn.

  • Jeannette Smithson

    Still we have to contend with Elisabeth! Do you not have control of your hosts, Bill?
    She continues to be obnoxious, interrupting, loud, annoying, hogging the whole show, and you do nothing to shut her down! You’re going to lose many viewers. It was entertaining for a short time, but has become disturbing to those of us who would love to hear an opinion from someone else! Please give her her own show, so she can get it all out of her system.

  • mary williams

    Do you think that homosexuality perpetuates the human race?,to be more specific,without scientific and medical intervention is it possible for a man to impregnate another man or for a women to impregnate another woman?.

  • Linda G.

    On December 2, 2008 at 1:35 pm Linda G. Said: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I too am so tired of Elizabeth Interupting and Cutting off the others Host when they are expressing their points of view… Hello!! The Show Name says it all… The View… Not whether its Right or Wrong but the Persons’ View… If Elizabeth does not agree with the other persons view… she does not need to try to Change it or Say it is Wrong by cutting them off or Belittling them for it… or consistantly saying it is not so!!! They are 100 Percent Right to Have Their Own View!!..

    Lighten up Elizabeth… and Know Your Facts from Fiction…

    An avid viewer… Linda G.

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