The Rocawear I Will Not Loose Campaign – Nicole Bell Will Not Lose

I really like the ” I Will Not Loose” campaign. maybe it just connects with me for some reason. maybe its because I decided a while ago that I won’t loose either and will keep trying until I’m dieing. In my personal opinion,  hope everybody gets what is trying to be said about this campaign. Its not about being cocky or the only people who can say the phrase “I Will Not Loose” are people who are somehow more special than other people. It is about being resolved and being set to move forward toward your dreams and ambitions. You can only loose when you stop trying even though you still want it.

And another thing… you don’t have to do it by yourself. Whatever it is you are reaching for, maybe you should reach out to people who have done it before. Failure is not an option because it only exists when you give up.

First seen at the link below:

Nicole Bell Will Not Lose | | The Blog About Moe Arora And His Journey In the Music Business.

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