Daily Archives: June 7, 2008

Jay-Z coming out wit a new album in the Fall/Winter? 2008?

It is what I read on the.Life Files.com a few minutes ago (they posted it a while ago through). I personally loved Kindome come (not too into American Gangster). what else can he say? That he wants to be a Billionaire? So do I lol. I wonder if he is willing to make a bet as to who gets their first?

People Seem To Like The Instint Call Phone… I’m sort of indifferent

What do you think? I am not impressed and still think the iPhone is better. Maybe if they use the Opera browser for mobile phones then maybe I would be on board.

Anyway, I am still getting the Centro and the iPhone. Now I just have to decide which phone company I should pick. AT&T or Sprint (yes I know the iPhone isn’t Sprint but I’m willing to wait for it to be on Sprint lol)

2 Door Range Rover

I still say that this is what land rover should have done in the first place. I guess that is just my (and everybody else’s) opinion. As seen on Street Knowledge Media and the.Life Files.com

I LOVE Me Some Ashanti!!!

As seen on Media Outrage. Yeah she coming out with a new album and so on and so forth, but all I’m looking at is those thighs. If I knew she was at times Square on the 4th, I would have went to go see her. Somewhere there has got to be an event calender for all this type of stuff.

I’m guessing she is wearing Apple Bottoms clothing and I have no idea what shoes she is got on.

I wish her well for her new album, but with the music industry being what it is and sales being what it is, it is not likely that it will sell very well compared to other of her releases. Anyway, the point is that I love me some Ashanti!!!