Age is NO obstacle! On the internet or to becoming wealthy

Age is no obstacle to great wealth… I totally agree with How to Make 7 Million in 7 Years™ blog.

Whether its a blog, a company you started or tring to get into stock investing, it is never too late. While you may want to start as soon as you enter the workforce (and for some enterprising youngsters even before then), yu don’t HVAE TO start.

You know about Kentucy Fried Chicken (KFC) right? How old was the Kernal when he got his company started?

I am sure there are more examples, but the point will be the same; your future is up to you. This is literally the beginning of a new age and that age is the Information Age (as opposed to the Industrial Age). If you have the data and take that data and turn it into information and take that info and turn it into knowledge, they you got yourself a way to creating wealth for yourself.

This is the bottom line: What we all are facing is that we can no longer depend on a “finish school and find a job” mentality. A business will not pay for your retirement, medicade will probably have collapsed (along with social security), and that 1 Million dollar 401K paying you 30-50G a year may not be enough to live off of if inflation has its way.

I truly believe that we are headed back into the type of economy where people need to be entrepreneurs and business people who own their own business. You will not be able to depend on just getting a job to get you to the next level. We have 2 parents working just to maybe be able to afford a home with their 2 kids and they can’t spend time with their kids either. Education costs way more than it did when our parents were going to school and will cost incredibly more when our kids go. 2 million in our 401k and our Roth Ira’s might not be good enough when we have medical bills, medicine to buy and operations to stay alive… not to mention being alive 30 years after you turn 65 when you are almost expected to retire.

Anyway, here the link to what inspired this post:

Age is NO obstacle! « How to Make 7 Million in 7 Years™

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