Pink Diamond Couture from Trina

Trina goes Couture!! She decides to get into the clothing game and make something for the ladies. I hear that women keep their favorite jeans longer than their relationships. I don’t, I just heard this somewhere.

I am guessing she is targeting the high end market being that the word Couture is in there. I think that is a great idea and I think she should keep it marketed to those individuals. Do not mass produce this ish please. Nothing like fat profits on clothing that costs 60 dollars to make but your selling it for 120 (I’m looking at you Coogi LMAO)

And yes, I am quoting myself up their cause I posted this info on Sneakers and Shoes as well in the “In Fashion News” category. Oh and just in case you forgot who Trina is…

I bet the guys remember (and a few of the ladies I guess). I decided I will follow Trina and her fashion plate and create a special category page for her (like what I will make for Baby Phat, Doreon, Rocawear, Sean John ands some other clothing lines that deal in couture as well as everyday wear)

And there it is… Shop Trina now if you want it. I tell you, there is a whole lot of hustle going on in the music industry. I think everybody sees what’s coming. By the way, she also has some perfumes coming out too. Read all about it on Dr. Jays blog.

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