Tech and Phones: I Need A Business Phone – Palm Centro

Saw this review and made me think more and more about me getting this Phone. I am also trying to find out whether it is smart for me to have a separate business pone and a personal phone. I think it is AWESOMELY smart to keep personal and business exspeces separate.

What phone do I want for personal use you ask? The iPhone. I bought the iPod Touch for someone else, but they didn’t want it and since I had it engraved (lol I feel so dumb) I figured I better keep it. And guess what? I really like it. Music is great, video is great (I watch movies all the time on it), podcasts are cool and the internet…. WONDERFUL!!! I do not know of any cell phone that you can see the internet as it is meant to be seen. Since the Touch uses WiFi for internet connection, I don’t know if they purposely disabled watching video within websites or not. I can only view video online if it is on YouTube.

I really think I will get the Centro and the iPhone.I’m going to do more research but I am pretty sure that this is what I’m going to do. Anyway, here is a commercial link I saw that puts the Sprint Instinct verses the iPhone. My Touch loads faster than that but its uses WiFi. Plus i can easily zoom in on any part of the page and they don’t show that for the Instinct.

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