Nike Decided To Make Room Socks

 Nike Room Socks

I think these are some very interesting socks. Its sort of like those socks that they give you at the hospital (you know, the ones with the tread on the bottom) except its a little more bulky and its from a sneaker brand.

When Nike first started this “turn sneakers into slippers” idea, it really didn’t fly. You ended up with half a shoe that cost just 10 dollars less than the whole shoe. Plus, why buy them as slippers when you and I know that they will end up being slippers after 10 months anyway?

Jordan also entered the slipper area and it was horrible. Just horrible…

But now its the 21 century and those slipper/sandlas prices have come down slightly and the design has come up. I know you guys heard of Crocs? lol

The Nike Room Sock is a must buy for the grown AND sexy… but only if it cost 50 or less. Anything more than 50, the almost sneaker becomes a really cheap sneaker or a really expensive sock.

For more info and pictures, click below:

Nike Room Socks – Sneaker Files – Air Jordan – Nike Air Force One – SB – Release Dates and Information

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