Alice Kaiserswerth x Adidas EQUALS Croquet

Now this is grown AND sexy. If you into Croquet, and you want something real special, and you want to play in urban areas (h’uh??? lol) get this Alice Kaiserswerth designed croquet set.

Come on! Release yourself from those stuffy English lawns where you would think is the only place to play Croquet…because of a special design, you can play with this on the sidewalk. Can you beat that?

Oh and check out the footwear:

Adidas Croquet Sneaker

Look closely at the soul of the shoe… yeah, where the Adidas symbol is… yup, that is the ball holder so when you hold the ball with your foot it is more steady.

Isn’t that cheating???

I wonder if this is a shoe you can just walk around in and not feel like something is missing at the toe area? The shoe does look comfortable though. I get them that much.

If you want to know more click the link below. (I think me and Cool Hunting are going to be great friends… I really like that site)

Cool Hunting: Urban Croquet

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