Beyonce and Mom: Prom Dresses and Cell Phones

“Just don’t be shocked when they try to talk us into buying Beyonce inspired glittery USB cables called B’cords”

From A Hot Mess

And that B’Weave comment by IPS… LMAO

I don’t quite understand the B’Phone and its special “features”. I like that it seems to be for the general public but come on… a phone?

Samsung plans to unveil Spicy Creole’s “B Phone” today at its megastore in the Time Warner Center. A splashy TV spot will follow. The “B Phone” will come preloaded with exclusive photos and videos of the singer, along with a never-released track of her belting out a tune at 10 years old.

‘Cause you need to hear her singing a song as a child to get the full effect, thank you.

The cell phone is a burgundy version of Samsung’s UpStage, a double-sided device with calling features on one face and a video and music player on the other.

It will be sold exclusively at Wal-Mart for $99 with a service contract from Sprint.

What is really HOT right now is the “whoever” x “whatever” but I don’t think this pulls it off.
Alife x Asics = yes
Dwane Wade x T-Mobile = why?
Beyonce x radnom cell phone company = over extension of herself

Now if she did Doreon x Air Jordan limited release sneakers for women… now that would be cool.

As for the dresses, I am ok with this. I actually like House of Doreon and support it. I like what they are trying to do and I really think they can take it all the way to the top like brands such as Armani (but this will take decades I think).

I don’t think they are over extending themselves with the prom dress line… but this cell phone business. I am a little lost on the idea of this (other than that the music industry is dieing and artists need better ways to connect to their audience).

I am very interested (as a business man) and curious (as a celebrity watcher) as to how this will turn out.

2 responses to “Beyonce and Mom: Prom Dresses and Cell Phones

  • Paper Lantern

    Wade, Bosh and James. A championship is not an automatic thing. They need to play well together but the talent is there. I know Wade, Bosh and James played well together on Team USA a few years back, now they have to do it for a whole NBA year. Is Pat Rielly going to coach the team. If so I think their chances go up. There are some other great teams out there though, Lakers, Celtics etc.

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