Beyonce – American Express Commercial (FULL)


I bet you that there won’t be no take down notice for this!!!

 Talk about free advertising…


I saw this video for the first time today (on TV no less) and was pretty impressed by it. I can’t lie, it was a good commercial and it put Beyonce and American Express (Stock Name: ) in a good light.  I can’t tell where, but I know she has House of Dereon in this commercial somewhere. Also, apparently, Cadillac is the new king of cars because it also stars in the commercial.




I have to agree with one think that A HOT MESS stated in its blog… who in the great wide world of sports puts out a press release for a commercial????


The television spot grants viewers a behind the scenes pass to follow Knowles’ hectic life on tour, a whirlwind schedule taking her from photo shoot to dance rehearsal to press conference all in a day’s work. With cameos by her parents, Matthew and Tina Knowles, the fast-paced spot captures her real life struggle to balance between her career and her family. As Knowles finally unwinds in her hotel room after a day of jet-setting, she manages to squeeze in some promised shopping for her niece and nephew with just a few quick clicks of the mouse. She shops online effortlessly with her American Express Card knowing it affords her peace of mind in an otherwise chaotic day.


Oh and here is a interview that I never saw before… and her voice… does it seem MAD deep to you guys? Don’t get me wrong, it sound sexy, but I really thought it was lighter than that.



Originally from TVone (there are 3 parts to this on Youtube)


Other places on the web that this has hit:

Beyonce and ‘Nem for Amex

Beyonce’s American Express Commercial

See links to all videos posted here on my YouTube Channel


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