More Fred Perry: Fall and Winter ’07 Releases

My last post was about the Fred Perry line… this post is too.

Fred Perry Casual Sneakers

Look at that!!! This is for the casual male with grown style… no teenagers!!!

I never heard of Fred Perry until a few weeks ago. Since I do have a newly acquired passion for sneakers, I have been browsing the net for the latest news and current styles. While I don’t post (usually) those type of things here, I do make an exception for either sneakers and shoes with real style and flair or sneakers that are so butt ugly that I have to post it to laugh at them.

I found these treasures at They say that Fred Perry had been updating its style while still staying tied to its roots. Now that is hard to do. Do you lose your old customers who are the bulk of the people who buy your products, or do you try to gain new ones but updating your style… just to find out that the new customers your targeting don’t want your brand cause its for “old people”.

I think Buick is going through that… I also think Buick should update, but stick with the 40+ crowd… but that is another story all together.

Here is a quote from highsnob…

Stless received some nice new items out of the Fred Perry Fall/Winter 2007 collection. They got in some fresh sneaker styles both in simple white canvas and our favorite with white/blue stripes going all over them. Other releases include a blazer in two colorways, longsleeve polos, gloves and more.

Fred Perry has made the perfect moves in recent years updating their classics and making a modern brand with heritage out of it. On top of that the right collaborations boost the image of the otherwise more conservative seeming brand.

Click the link below to see some other stuff that Fred Perry is coming up with.  They got 2 other sneakers I think you might want to take a peak at as well as some other jems.

New Fred Perry F/W ’07 Releases

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