Jay-Z Decides To Make new Album

I am actually a Jay-Z fan. I love his idea for the “I Will Not Lose” clothing campaign. Totally grown AND sexy. But for a guy that’s retired, he sure puts out allot of albums.

I didn’t like the new song Blue Magic very much. I think Jay-Z can be an enlightened rapper, but that doesn’t mean that the song has to sound wack. Just look at Lost Ones. That is one deep song.

I gave it a few days and decided it again… even watched the preview video for it (shown above)… I think it was a good idea in concept with the old school “lunch table drum” beat (with new style) but it just didn’t do it. Jay-Z sounds better after you hear him a few times and realize he is doing it with a “Hawaiian Sofie” type of way.

Now if you watch the preview video, the beat that comes up first is bangin. Should have used that.



You can hear he is using a different style for this record at least. It sounds like what he briefly sounded like in Hawaiian Sofie:

And while your at it…


Well… I think November 4th will be very interesting.

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