Would U Wear This? Worst in Show from Nice Kicks

 Kashi Kicks

 Great Ceasar’s Ghost…

I really can’t hate though… I think out of the sneakers NiceKicks.com showed as the Worst in Show, the ones pictured above has the most potential. Probably why so many people was in their booth (as Nicekicks reports… I wasn’t there). They have a YouTube channel so you can see all of their ideas and who supports them.

Its not my style, but as I wrote above, they got potential. They are not grown and sexy approved yet.

To me, the worst on their list was this:

G Kicks

Its just a total rip of Air Forces from NIKE. Yeah, other companies have done it but 50 -11 companies doing it is enough. Like the “fireball” side though. Not too happy about the see-through, but when you start adding fog, colors, colored stitching, and other details to the see-through “ghost” area, now your talking.

I’ll give anybody a chance. Even if they push the design some more, it would be hard for me to say grown and sexy, but that isn’t what I think they are going for anyway. Just don’t be lazy with it… I’m watchin you.

Magic 2007 Kicks Awards: Worst in Show | Nice Kicks – Air Force Ones, Air Jordans, Release Dates and sneaker news.

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