Reebok Voltron Package at Project


I loved this show when I was a kid. Watching it now as an adult makes me wonder why I liked it so much… but I guess sometimes that happens.

I don’t report on sneakers much here (unless they are grown and sexy APPROVED), but I had to SAY SOMETHING about good ole Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

5 different sneakers representing the 5 different lions. Now the sneaker themselves don’t look all that to me, but the whole idea and overall look is so fantastic.

I used to have the toys for this. I ACTUALLY HAD THEM IN DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE HOUSE much like the show and each lion had a specific place for them in the house that represented the loins background. I bet some of my cousins remember that LOL.

ummm… also, did you know that they are proposing a movie for Voltron? man, first it was He-Man, then GI Joe, now this?

If they make He-Man sneaker, I will quit this B***CH (ahhh such language).

Reebok Voltron Package at Project | Nice Kicks – Air Force Ones, Air Jordans, Release Dates and sneaker news.

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